Tenglay Group

Company’s COO presented hard and soft skills to staff

Hard skills refer to the job-related knowledge and abilities that employees need to perform their job duties effectively. Soft skills, on the other hand, are personal qualities that help employees really thrive in the workplace. Company’s COO is providing staff with tools necessary to learn and strengthen specific capacities needed to carry out job functions and help them to cope and react to situations.

08th Jan 2021, Export Cargo Consolidation for Land-Air and Land Sea shipment to Thailand and Vietnam

We understand customer’s demand for late CY vessel cut off cargo and urgent cargo, so Teng Lay Import Export and transport and Teng Lay Dryport’s expert and experienced team provide solutions for cargo consolation service (receiving, loading as per PO# loading plan) at our general warehouse and process export formality then transport to Vietnam or Thailand as per airport flight/vessel cut off time per customer’s instruction.

Company’s Sustainability

Trees help to combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air, we need oxygen to breathe. Trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff which reduces erosion and pullution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding.

06th August 2020, Inland Container Trucking Transit Shipment (Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam or Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand)

Cambodia-Vietnam or Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand) Teng Lay Import Export and Transport could offer Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam or Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand for Inland Container Trucking Transit shipment with 2~3 day trucking lead time including document formality at the borders by our expert and experience team to pick up and deliver shipment to our customers timely, safety and secured.