Brief Introduction to Teng Lay Import Export & Transport

Teng Lay Import Export & Transport was founded by me, Mr. Zheng Yuanlai, and my wife Huang Aiqiong and is exclusively owned and operated by us. In the early days, the company’s office was located at Kampuchea Krom Boulevard in Phnom Penh and mainly provided customs brokerage, international transportation, and inland freight forwarding services for customers.

The company has been making every effort to ensure smooth operation and forging ahead despite hardship and setbacks. I adopted a hands-on approach and pursued excellence in every detail of work, based on which the company has been adhering to the management concepts of pursuing excellence, putting customers and credibility first and giving top priority to benefits and interests of customers based on the concept of sincere service. Based on these, the company has been providing high-efficiency and high-quality services to customers, fulfilling their objective of ensuring convenience, reliability, trustworthiness and inexpensiveness, and thus won a great reputation among a large number of customers.

We have been working hard and made all efforts to develop our career, thus being able to seize great opportunities and realize rapid development of the company. At the beginning, the company only had 2 trailer trucks and just a bit more than 10 employees. It has grown into a modern leading enterprise providing integrated customs brokerage and transportation services and established its position among a large number of customers. Affiliated companies were also established in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville Autonomous Port.

Through more than 20 years of rapid development based on high-quality operation and growing experience, the company became a leading freight transportation group engaging in customs brokerage and transportation services in Cambodia.

With the domestic economic development of Cambodia, the demand for freight services has been increasing. The company has been expanding its scope of services, providing relevant convenient freight handling procedures, and thus won wide trust and acceptance of customers. The modern container dry port is equipped with all necessary facilities and accommodates factory buildings, a duty-free warehouse, parking lots, an automobile repair factory, space for container storage, office buildings for companies, customs and tax administration, etc. In addition, the company has bought a large area of land in Preah Sihanouk City and established offices and trailer parking lots in order to bring convenience to customers in reaching a considerable cargo handling capacity. As freight volumes have been increasing, the port operates on a 7*24 basis and conveys an increasing quantity of trailer trucks. For the purpose of meeting business demands in a better way, the company spared no expense to buy a series of advanced heavy equipment, such as container handling cranes, mobile container lift cranes, forklifts, scanners, etc., which laid a solid foundation for growing the company into the largest transportation enterprise in Cambodia.

urthermore, in order to meet the increasingly different demands of the customers, the company has extended its scope of business to domestic road transportation in the second half of 2009. The company established offices near the borders with Thailand and Vietnam and constructed warehouses and storage space yards. With advanced equipment, a comprehensive system and accurate services, the company serves as a big modern freight transportation company in the industry.

The company has been engaging in logistics operation for more than 30 years and has gone through twists and turns in the business field. We acquired many experiences during the process and earned a great reputation depending on honesty. With a broad mind, we have been building constructive and cooperative relationships in the business circles, arranging an all-dimensional layout and thus expanding scale and scope of businesses of the company. However, time and tide wait for no man. I am nearly 70 years old, so it is unavoidable to retire and pass on my business and experiences to a successor. Zheng Chuanxun, my eldest son, is a responsible and capable person and has his own dreams. We have been making every effort to raise and teach him since the early days, so we have no reason to prevent him from being the successor of the company!

With all necessary conditions, Zheng Chuanxun, as the helmsman of the company, carries on the company’s businesses and makes all efforts to grow Teng Lay Group into a large well-operated enterprise group holding. Three affiliated companies were established under the group, namely Teng Lay Import Export & Transport, Teng Lay Engineering, and Teng Lay Dry Port.